KYFA Membership

A copy of the KFA Newsletter is sent to each active membership or sustaining member on a by-monthly basis. To begin your membership click on the membership type you are interested in download and fill out the appropriate form mail it and a check to the treasurer Duane Suttles.  His address is on the form.
KFA By-laws regarding Membership

ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP; All individuals, shall by virtue of their membership in their respective fire departments, be members of the KFA, so long as said organization remains a member of this association. Eligible KFA membership shall be limited to public and private emergency response organizations including, fire departments and fire districts "structural" Fire Brigades, hazardous material response team, Fire authorities, Fire Insurance or other salvage corps,
{1} Structural fire brigades as defined by KOSHA and or NFPA
{2} Meeting minimum requirements of tech level by KOSHA and NFPA
SECTION 3: Active membership may be obtained in the KFA by paying annual dues of $85.00 per year. Dues are payable on October 1 of each year. Dues not paid by December 1, of each year, render that membership delinquent. The fiscal year of this organization shall be August 1, through July 31.